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An efficient Stomachic and Alterative for cattle and other large animals in a concentrated power form, useful in all digestive disorders, for improving the milk yield in aneostrous conditions of nonpathological origin and in preventing mortality in young calves. Regular use keeps cattle healthy and profitable.

For improving milk yield: To be given regularly in feed at the rate of 0.125 %( 1 kg in 800 Kg. of feed) or approximately one teaspoonful to 4 kg. of feed. The also keeps cattle healthy.

For digestive disorder: 20g-40g twice daily until heat signs appear. To be discontinued for 3 days after continuous administration foe ten days and repeated if necessary.

For calves: 5g to 15g. According to age and size. Regular administration from birth upto 6 month of age twice weekly prevents worm infestation and mortality.

Note: Pregnant animals should not be given full doses (i.e. 20g – 40g) for more then 3 days at a time, but can be repeated after an interval of 3 days. There is however no harm in giving it in feed regularity in the dosage indicated above.

Packing: 40g, 100g.

                                Kanchipuram – 631 501

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