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Our pharmacy opened in Kanchipuram on 1988. Since then, we provide a wide range of pharmacy, surgical, Diabetes, disposables, Veterinary Medicines, Pet care products life saving and general healthcare products and nutritional supplements. Our retailing experience, customer-focused service and brand values make us the preferred partner for their medicine needs.

Indu Trades

Indu Trades has been paying attention to provide high standard Indian system medicines (Ayurveda, siddha medicines) we also having FMCH distributors for leading healthcare manufacture to Kanchipuram and sub apps.

Indu Trades Committed to quality Healthcare:
- Focused only on Healthcare to deliver quality & support.
- Completely transparent in our operations.
- Providing quality products.
- Promoted by strong professionals experienced in Healthcare.

Our customers
our customers include a large number of individual consumers besides leading hospitals and clinics, corporate houses and Government bodies is our town and sub apps.


  • Genuine medicines from leading manufacturers.
  • Wide range of medicines, surgical & disposables, life saving and general healthcare products and also veterinary items.
  • We comply with the rules described by Drugs & Cosmetics Act of 1948.
  • Outlets manned by qualified and trained pharmacist.
  • Computerized billing discloses the expiry date and batch numbers of medicines.

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Indu Medicals Indu Medicals
Indu Medicals